Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Application taxonomies

A classification of software application can help you to think about an architecture and/or determine a reference architecture in your catalogue.
Multiple characteristics can be used to set up a taxonomy. These taxonomies can help you I think because it sets up a context for making a software architecture and the usage of reference architectures. Usually one classification criterion alone doesn’t fit the entire application . Multiple axes.

I think one of the main message would be : Don’t be fooled that one reference architecture can be used in all scenarios.

  • Front-end technology
    o Windows (classic / touch screen)
    o Web-based (classic / Rich Internet client )
  • Distribution
    o Desk-top
    o Mobile/PDA
    o Sever
    o Distributed
  • Connected
    o On-line
    o Disconnected with on-line capabilities (smart client)
  • Communication
    o Asynchronous
    o Synchronous
  • Target
    o Consumer ( E-commerce, PDA)
    o Business (Traditional administrative data keeping or/and decision support)
    o Industry (MES, CIM, MRP, SCADA, real-time systems, PLC, Robotics)
    o Government E-government
    o Entertainment (Games)
  • Connectivity
    o Internet
    o LAN
    o WAN
    o VPN
  • Function
    o OLTP applications
    o Reporting applications ,Data warehouse, BI
    o Batch application
    o Service–oriented apps
    o Mobile device applications
    o Integration Applications ( ERP, Mainframe , etc)
    o Office applications and Office integration
    o Portals
    o System software
  • Organisation boundaries
    o Departmental
    o organisation
  • Usage pattern
    o Collaboration
    o Transactional, data keeping
    o Decision support
  • Time pattern
    o Long running “transactions” (Workflow)
    o Short running business transactions
  • Expected life-time
    o Short-term
    o Long term
  • Business area
    o Medical
    o Financial
    o Government
    o Industry
    o Commerce
    o Etc
  • Saas (Software as a Service ) software.
  • Etc.

What do you think?

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