Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Navigation button Visual Studio 2005


When you open a freshly installed Visual Studio 2005 , you might miss certain things. For example the navigate backwards and forward button. Very handy when you navigate throughout your code.

You can easily add those buttons but nevertheless it is a bit strange that are not included by default (at least not on my machine) In VS 2008 (at least in the Rosario November edition) they are present and even a litlle bit smarter too. You can choose where you want to go back.

Open the "tools" menu and go to the "customize" menu-item.In the "view" category you will find the two missing buttons. When you select them , you can drag-and-drop them on your toolbar.

In Visual Studio 2008 you get the navigation buttons by default at a little bit more!

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Anonymous said...

thanks man.
it helps a lot.

Michal Dvorak said...

Thanks a lot! It's been driving me nuts that these buttons are missing.